February 12, 2009

I had the pleasure of seeing Coraline this weekend, the Neil-Gaiman-novel-turned-film.

I loved it. It met all my expectations and then some. It felt like a giddy horror-fantasy mix of Alice in Wonderland and Psychonauts. I couldn’t believe how many parents were ushering their children out of the showing I attended—they must not have seen the trailer, which, true to the film, oozes creepiness.

At times, the dialogue could seem somewhat stilted, and the music application seemed to be a bit off. I didn’t quite feel the same seamless transition from scene to scene and therefore the overarching sense of whole that I do when watching, say, Pixar films. As Kat mentioned, the pacing was a little weird, too: starting off with an action-packed bang, but falling short when it came to the eye quests, which were completed far too easily.

Still, the animation was brilliant and managed to surprise me in the most welcome of places, even after having read Wired’s article on the extensive handcrafting that went into the set. I particularly loved the way they introduced the scene below:

Shot from Coraline set

And, in my opinion, the best number from the soundtrack:


One Response to “Coraline

  1. Great movie…a little freaky tho…

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