Augmented reality

September 11, 2009

It’s hard not to think that this “Virtual Box Simulator,” developed by AKQA for the USPS, might be fake:

But it is quite real, and opens up a lot of territory for imaginative speculation. What’s the most complex object I can “beam” over to someone? If I attach sensors to my fingers, will I be able to manipulate the hologram in true sci-fi style? I can’t wait for someone to make something ridiculously cool out of this idea.

With all the augmented reality apps that have recently, to great to-do, become available for the iPhone (I’m thinking of the Yelp app in particular), it’s nice to know that Apple won’t have a complete platform monopoly on this kind of technology. I, humble bearer of CDMA phone, can wonder about what my laptop webcam will be able to show me in a few months’ time!


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