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I love these sorted book collections by Nina Katchadourian.

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On her site, she also has a lot of really interesting map projects, such as Coastal Merger:

See also Shannon Ratkin‘s incredible map creations.


Rhizocarpon geographicum

February 8, 2010

[Image: Yellow map lichen, by Freeman Patterson].

Yellow map or world map lichen is frequently used in lichenometry, a geobotanical technique employed to estimate the age of exposure of a rock surface. Since Rhizocarpon geographicum quickly colonizes newly-exposed rock surfaces and has a known rate of growth, geologists can, for example, examine glacially-deposited rocks and determine the rate of glacial retreat.

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Oasis on the Silk Road

December 16, 2009


November 25, 2009

Real, physical places form the Net’s backbone: data centers, under-sea cables, junctions, optic fiber pipes. Wired traced a single bit’s journey from England, across the US, and into Asia—a fascinating reminder at how physical the virtual really is.

This fortress, which looks like a heavily armed gas station preparing for a zombie invasion (without the gas pumps) is a stopping point for emails sent to many three-letter government agencies. It’s far enough away from DC to survive a nuclear blast, but close enough to service all the relevant entities that depend on them. More beautiful, informative postcards from locations you may never have expected were so important over at: [Wired]

I’ve always been told that depositing large amounts of cash through the ATM was dubious and should be taken to the teller instead. I was wondering whether the same applied to large checks. Anyone use ATMs for anything besides withdrawing cash?

Bill “Caution: Awesome Awesomeness” S. says:

Communication devices. Seriously. Spy trick to communicate internationally without detection:

Open an account, give two guys cards and set up a code system ($20 w/drawl means Plan B, $100 deposit is Plan C)

One guy in, say London, w/draws a set amount (say $20)

The other guy can instantly see the money has been taken out and knows what it means

Read about it once as an example of why all the communications monitoring in the world won’t due you much good…