Suspended string gardens

April 8, 2010

String gardens, via Angela. These are really ikebana. New geometries and re-negotiations of indoor space.


Abandoned houses

April 7, 2010

Seth Clark draws abandoned houses.

Oasis on the Silk Road

December 16, 2009

Mold on bread

November 27, 2009

“These photographs document several of the various types of mould which can be found growing on your average loaf of bread, given enough time and neglect.”

So says Martin Scott-Jupp, the photographer behind these amazing photos. They’re from a series called Colony featuring the beauty and wonder you can find in decaying matter and growing fungi. If you weren’t told that these were molds you probably wouldn’t have ever known, thinking they were some kind of tiny flowers or a set of miniatures shot in a sort of tilt shift way.


November 25, 2009

Real, physical places form the Net’s backbone: data centers, under-sea cables, junctions, optic fiber pipes. Wired traced a single bit’s journey from England, across the US, and into Asia—a fascinating reminder at how physical the virtual really is.

This fortress, which looks like a heavily armed gas station preparing for a zombie invasion (without the gas pumps) is a stopping point for emails sent to many three-letter government agencies. It’s far enough away from DC to survive a nuclear blast, but close enough to service all the relevant entities that depend on them. More beautiful, informative postcards from locations you may never have expected were so important over at: [Wired]

Martian sky

October 4, 2009

After a 500 x 1000 km dust storm blanketed Sydney on September 23,

Those few who ventured outside, especially at dawn, were greeted by a Martian sky, familiar landmarks blotted out by the heavy red dust blowing by.

[Image: Greg Wood/AFP/Getty Images. Sydney office buildings seen through the haze of a dust storm on September 23, 2009].

It’s not hard to imagine that if we ever terraformed Mars, the result would be something like this. Minus the ocean, of course.

[Image: CAUTION — BUCOLIC RESORT COMMUNITY by Sheila Ryan, via clusterflock].

Instantly reminded me of:

[Image: Adolescent Eyes3 by smoovie on deviantART].

A cautionary tale, indeed.